Search instead of country specific in Chrome Omnibox

How to make the default search engine for the Google Chrome omnibox instead of country specific google.xx (avoid Country Redirect).



When you install Chrome, mostly the country-specific Google search is set as the default search engine for the Google Chrome Omnibox (a.k.a. the address bar).
Country specific Google search often gives different search results than the global results. Sometimes this is very useful when you are searching for businesses or events in your country. But when you are searching for foreign businesses or for some information that is not related to your country, it can be very annoying as well.

So this Knol gives a simple guide how to make your default search engine.

– To begin, open Chrome’s Preferences tab.

– Then, click the “Manage Search Engines…” button as highlighted is the image bellow.

– In the window that come up then, you will see a list of search engines. Hopefully Google is made the default, and then it should look like this:

– Now, to add as the default search engine, you need to be at the bottom of the page, where you can add a search engine.
In the name field, you add “Google NCR” or something (NCR stands for No Country Redirect)
In the keyword field, add the wildcard “*“.
And in the URL field, add ““.
The form should then be filled like this:

– Then hit enter and the entry should be added at the bottom of your list.
– Now it’s important to make it your default search engine. That can be done easily by clicking the “Make Default” button that appears when you move your mouse over the entry.


– Once you’ve done that, the top of your list should look like this:


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